Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rolex Watches Popular with Hip Hop Stars & Entourages

Rolex Replica Watches are usually made of high quality parts, and are built to last. They also come at very low prices when compared to the original thing, making them an attractive buy for many. When purchasing online be careful to buy from a trusted website, as you will be giving away a lot of your personal details on purchase.

John Legend’s Entourage Spotted Wearing Replica Rolex Watches at the MTV Music Awards!

  1. Legend couldn’t pick up the luxury bill for everyone, so high-quality, replica Rolex watches was in order.

Busted In a Rolex!

News from TMZ tells us that Snoop Dog may have been detained in Stockholm last night. The Rapper was thought to have been using illegal drugs after the police deemed him to be under the influence of narcotics. According to witness account, even under threat of the police, Snoop was looking good as always in his replica Rolex and designer hoodie. Rumours that the star will need to go to rehab to get out of this predicament may be true! Fans believe that Hip-hop superstar will just keep this experience under his belt, hoping he still plans to start his second clothing line on time, according to his trusty Rolex!

Snoop’s High and Low Fashion: Couture Dog Tags and a Replica Rolex at the MTV Music Awards

Snoop Dog has always been a trendsetter, influencing teens for years with his post-modern style. Snoop's first venture into fashion, SNOOP DOGG CLOTHING, was launched in 2001. Photographed recently by the paparazzi in a blue shower cap and a designer jacket, surrounded by bodyguards, he deftly mixes low-fi, disposable quality items with haute couture. Not only fashionable at home, he waltzed into the MTV Music Awards like he owned the place, as always, proudly showing off his 14-karat dog tags and matching rose-gold replica Rolex watch. This bold fashion move led to an online buying frenzy of the affordable, yet status worthy watches among young fans, a new market for this previously middle-aged niche.

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